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EV Chargers

Electric vehicles are quickly becoming the new standard of transportation across the United States. With traditional brands like Ford and General Motors slated to offer electric models to compete with established electric vehicle manufacturers like Tesla and Nissan, CapStone Solar is fully equipped to aid in the transition to electric vehicles.

Electric car charging

Make the Jump Today!

Whether you currently own an EV or are considering “making the jump,” CapStone Solar is here to help. Our team of experts are able to assess your current electric situation and make recommendations specific to your home’s needs. We install EV chargers for all major brands and standards.

Electric Vehicle Charging

Quality You Can Trust

Install a new system or upgrade your old, outdated EV Charger today! You can trust the quality and service provided by CapStone Solar. To learn more about our EV Chargers and how CapStone Solar can help, make sure to contact us today.

electric car charger
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