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Solar Solutions

CapStone Solar is a recognized leader in design and implementation of residential and small commercial solar. Our process and turnkey solar solutions make it easy to go green and save money.  We pride ourselves on providing the best products at the lowest prices, allowing our customers to save the most money possible!

There has never been a better time to take control of your power bill.  Click any of the buttons and schedule a FREE consultation or request FREE information so you can learn and see just how much money there is to be saved by going solar.  There are active rebates and incentives as well as no cash out of pocket programs available NOW!

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We know that saving energy is also about saving money and we will work with you to perform a detailed financial analysis of your proposed project.

We will look at all aspects of the project including leasing options and permitting costs as well as energy output and applicable government rebates. Together we will create a financial pro forma and ROI analysis.

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Our Work


CapStone Solar provides up front weather and site analysis, solution design, project management, procurement and installation for commercial sites.

Our project teams can provide turn-key services or we can work directly with other service providers and existing project teams.

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A Pioneer in Renewable Energy