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CapStone Solar is a subsidiary of CapStone Solutions, Inc. Our roots began in telecommunications and building cell towers in remote locations all over the Northwestern United States. Many of these sites needed energy solutions, which led us into building large, utility-scale solar power facilities.  For example, the average utility-scale solar array that we construct is around 2.5MW, which is the equivalent of about 250 residential projects. We have multiple projects of this size under contract at any given time, giving us amazing economies of scale, and we pass those savings along to you with the best pricing on solar, period!

“We buy and install more solar panels than all of the other residential installers in Washington and Oregon combined, enabling us to pass along massive savings to our residential customers.”

CapStone Solar is also an innovative leader in the solar marketplace utilizing the most advanced technology in the industry. Our commitment to customer satisfaction is integral to every aspect of your journey in becoming your own clean, renewable power producer!

Man working on solar panels on roof

Battery Systems

We carry smart energy appliances for your home, including advanced LG Home battery systems that keep your home powered during outages and other events. Unexpected power outages occur- stay ready with the trusted and reliable performance of a new LG Home Battery system!

Man working on solar panels on roof

Project Showcase

Another amazing solar installation providing phenomenal benefits to the building owner, in this case, Melanie Bakala with State Farm Insurance of Shelton, WA!

About CapStone Solar

The highly-qualified team at CapStone Solar are dedicated to the satisfaction of each client that we help. We utilize the most advanced technologies in the industry, guaranteeing that your project will perform for years to come. We are committed to helping individuals turn their building into a clean, renewable power producer. Learn more about how CapStone Solar can help you today!

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Man working on solar panels on roof
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