SPAN Panel

The SPAN Panel is a comprehensive energy management system designed to equip any home with the necessary infrastructure for electrification upgrades, including solar power systems, EV chargers, heat pumps, and battery storage.

Why Choose SPAN Panels for Your Solar System?

We are excited to introduce the SPAN Panel, a cutting-edge solution designed to transform your home into a fully optimized solar energy powerhouse. Whether you’re looking to reduce your carbon footprint, enhance your energy independence, or simply cut down on utility costs, the SPAN Panel is your gateway to a smarter, greener future.

Enhanced Energy Control

With a SPAN Panel installed by CapStone Solar, you gain unparalleled control over your home's energy sources. Monitor and manage how solar energy is distributed throughout your home, ensuring that your system is as efficient as possible.

Future Ready

Prepare your home for the future of energy. SPAN Panels make it easy to add new technologies like EV chargers and battery storage without the need for additional costly infrastructure changes.

Streamlined Energy Management

The intuitive SPAN mobile app lets you oversee your entire home’s energy performance from anywhere. Adjust settings in real-time and make decisions that help optimize your solar system's output and your home's energy consumption.

Safety and Reliability

Safety is a paramount concern at CapStone Solar. The SPAN Panel includes built-in safety features that protect your home and family from electrical issues, providing peace of mind along with optimal functionality.

SPAN Panel

How We Work

Unrivaled Expertise and Proven Performance in Solar Solutions



We start by reviewing a recent electricity bill to understand your energy consumption.  We’ll model a system based on your needs.



Once you sign your proposal, we’ll schedule a site visit and engineer a detailed design of your system using drone footage and specialized software.



Our team coordinates with your utility and local ordinances to get all of the permits and paperwork you need squared away.



We’ll coordinate with you to find the best time to install your system. An average residential system takes 1-3 days to install.

How can we help with your solar project?

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