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Discover our portfolio of successful residential solar projects, each reflecting our commitment to efficient, sustainable solutions.

How does the solar energy process work?

  1. Solar Energy Capture
    Sunlight is captured by solar panels on your roof, converting it to DC electricity.

  2. Inversion Process
    The DC electricity is then converted into AC electricity by an inverter, making it usable in your home.

  3. Power Distribution
    The AC electricity powers your home by integrating with your electrical system with a smart panel.

  4. Battery Storage (Optional)
    Installing a solar battery bank allows you to store excess energy, which can be used at night or during power outages.

  5. Energy Credits
    Any unused electricity is sent back to the grid, and you may receive credits from your utility company for this excess power.

They're professional and pleasant to work with. They'll work at breakneck speeds to get the job done. They find every possible financial incentive available.
M. Harrington
Bellingham, WA

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